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Pointterific Volunter: Cooper Blazes Trail with Events

NorCal GSP Rescue lauds the efforts of Jacqueline Cooper, our Events Co-Chair and founder of the annual Dog Days events, which has so far generated thousands of dollars for our group and the Alameda County Animal Shelter. For Dog Days, she not only donates countless hours but also the use of her art gallery, Autobody Fine Art.

The Rescue Rag spoke to Jacqueline about why she’s so passionate about GSPs and dedicates so much time to the Rescue.

How did you first become involved with Nor-Cal
GSP Rescue?
After my first GSP died, I contacted NorCal GSP and adopted Tommy. He was goofy and endearingly neurotic. When he died, I began volunteering as a way of saying thank you for the affection that these two GSPs brought into my life.

What do you like about GSPs?
I love that they are the perfect combination of opposites! A GSP is an energetic, focused hunting dog that likes nothing more at the end of the day than curling up next to you.

Why do you volunteer?
In addition to my love for the breed, knowing that the group is exclusively volunteer run makes me feel like I am a part of a like-minded family. I also like the real feeling that a small idea (such as initiating Dog Days) can influence profound change.

What keeps you motivated when the task of rescuing GSPs seems so gargantuan?
Knowing that overwhelmed shelters are relying on nonprofit organizations to help with particular breeds, like GSPs, with specific needs. They like to roam, hunt and practice their escape artist skills, so having a dedicated rescue group is very important for these dogs.

What’s the most rewarding part of serving as Special Events Chair?
Finding a forever home for a foster dog through organizing an adoption event or a benefit that educates people about GSPs.

How did you come up with Dog Days?
I wanted to do something substantive for NorCal GSP Rescue and realized that both my schedule meant that I couldn’t help
at the existing events. So, I organized an event of my own. Plus, I have the space, a 2700-square foot gallery with a big outdoor lot.

What do you think of the success of Dog Days?
I’m thrilled. The event started out as a small idea and a way of motivating other people to think about planning events to benefit animals. Each year we have made more money than the previous year, despite an increasingly poor economy.

How much effort goes into organizing Dog Days?
A lot of time. My assistant and I begin in March. By the end of June, each of us will be working on the event approximately 30 hours a week. But it’s worth it. All those wagging tails and happy
faces make up for the hours. Call me (510-881-6974) if you’d like to lend a hand. Funnily enough, once the event is over it always seems like it was less work than it feels like going into it!


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